Screen capture tool

Screen capture tool – very useful tool  in case you need to capture pictures from your screen in CATIA V5.


In case you are preparing any presentation, or you need to provide pictures of your model to your supplier, or customer, you can use function capture. You can find it in TOOLS > IMAGE > CAPTURE


screen capture tool

You can choose from three picture modes: screen mode, pixel mode and vector mode. I would say, for common usage, you will use pixel mode. I will focus only on this mode. Prior you will make your first picture, see capture options.
In capture options you can see three tabs: general, pixel and vector. In general tab you can set several options:


capture options


  • show banner: select the check box, if you want to show a banner on your picture. It´s predefined “Snapshot of $NAME – $DATE $TIME”. You can delete it and define also your own banner.
  • capture only geometry: select the check box, if you want to snap only geometry of the model without specification tree or compass.
  • capture white in black: select the check box, if you want white pixels to be black color. Usually I keep it non-selected.
  • color mode: color, grey scale or monochrome. For nice presentation I use color mode. If I need to print captured 3D model only for any my personal hand made notes, I use grey scale or monochrome mode to save color toner in printer.

Pixel tab:

pixel mode options


  • white background: select the check box, if you want to have white background. most of the time, I use this option. It´s much nicer in the presentation or in email with white background.
  • rendering quality: you can choose between low and highest, or you can customize your own rendering quality (if you will select customized, button “More” became active). Usually I use highest quality.
  • in “Album” you can define format and compression of your output pictures for your album.

Let´s make you first picture

Now, you are ready to capture your first picture. You can select pixel mode and define area, which should be captured with “selection mode”. Drag mouse cursor over the desired area. Once selection is done, you can modify area with simple drag of the lines.  In the middle you can see resolution of the picture.

In case you will not use “selection mode”, CATIA will capture full size picture with resolution of you screen.


capture with selection


Once your selection is done, click on the capture button and capture preview window will appear.



There you will find options to cancel it, save it, send it directly to the printer, copy it to the clipboard or save it into the album. I really appreciate option to copy it to the clipboard. It can really help me to handle with the pictures.

You can also open “album” with your saved pictures in predefined format. Album you can also find in TOOLS > IMAGE > ALBUM

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