How to extract geometry from CGR

How to extract geometry from CGR model in CATIA V5?

In case you would like to extract geometry from cgr file you cannot use common tools. CGR (Catia graphics representation) file only presents the outer surface of a part or assembly. This surface is tessellated (consist only of triangles). This format is only for representation. You can use it for clash analysis, measure distances between elements, etc. Continue reading “How to extract geometry from CGR”

MODIFY LINKS in drafting

Modify links in drafting?  Do you know how to use it?

In this article, I will show you, how to modify links in drafting to improve your views. If you create any view on the drawing, it´s linked to the whole part or assembly. In case you would like to show just several bodies of the part, or several parts of the assembly, you can use command to MODIFY LINKS. Right click on selected view, then go to view object and select MODIFY LINKS. Link Modification window will appear. As you can see in the cell Pointed elements, selected view is linked to the whole assembly. Then switch to the linked model, select elements you would like to show and then go back to the drafting. In the cell “3D elements to add:” you can see selected 3D elements. Add them all, confirm OK and update view. Continue reading “MODIFY LINKS in drafting”