Tool insert mode – do you know how to use it?

Tool INSERT MODE (inserting element) allows you to insert a new feature into the tree. In this way you can easy add an element that wasn´t initially created and change the structure of parents and children. It may show a simple example: We have a general surface (Surface) on which is the intersection (Intersect) with the plane (XY).

From the Surface and Intersection is formed Sweep surface.


Then check Parents and Children to see “parents” of the Sweep:



If we want to move the sweep surface of 100 mm in x – direction, we can simply add geometric element. Parallel curve lying on the surface Surface – between the Intersect and the Sweep . Activate Insert Mode on the Tools panel , and choose another function, in this case – Parallel Curve.

tools panel

The Curve selection (Intersect) and the support (Surface), change value to 100 mm and enter with OK. The new feature is now inserted in the chain of the geometry. We can see that the surface Sweep is now made up of curves Parallel and  Surface.

Then check Parents and Children to see  how “parents” of the Sweep were changed:




If we want the Intersect, the Parallel and the Sweep were created in an area which is offset of the Surface area. Then we can repeat the procedure as follows: select Selection mode , then command Offset (surfaces), enter the value and confirm OK. Intersect,  Parallel and Sweep are created on the surface Offset.



Then check Parents and Children to see  how “parents” of the Sweep were changed:



In conclusion watch the video for better understanding:


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